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Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard


Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard Package

Package Includes:

Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard
Hyperlite Remix Bindings


The Hyperlite Franchise is Jimmy LaRiche's Pro Model and features insane pop packed into a real do everything board. The Franchise is an innovative shape that anyone can strap into and feel at home on. The continuous rocker creates a fast board that carves and edges with ease and the innovative Tapered Channels narrow at the tip and tail via the Dual Fin Configuration to increase the board's edge hold on approach to the wake. The thinner profile of the board and reduced tip and tail width minimize swing weight for simple rotation on flat and inverted spins. Shaped by Greg Nelson, the Hyperlite Franchise will surely please any level of rider.


Comfort and Support delivered at a great value defines the new Focus. The completely redesigned Focus boot is a perfect choice for any skill level. The Focus features an easy to get into design with three closure points. This gives a rider many options when it comes to the fit of their boot. The lower Velcro strap and center lace zone can be cinched down to help with a snug fit and the upper Velcro strap can be tightened for a little additional support. The Focus is a fully adjustable design which allows for a wide array of foot sizes. Our all-new Low-Pro plate features the most light weight feel and close to the board connection we have offered to date.



Wakeboarding Must Have Accessories
(Only available with the purchase of a Wakeboard)

Basic Board Bag
Good quality, vented nylon Wakeboard bag.
RRP £44.95
Jobe Basic Wakeboard Bag

Padded Board Bag
Great quality, vented nylon padded Wakeboard bag.
RRP £69.95
Jobe Padded Wakeboard Bag

Blue Wake Rope
Recreational 15" single section wake rope with grippy handle.
RRP £34.95
Jobe Wake Combo Prime Blue

Red Wake Rope
Recreational 15" single section wake rope with grippy handle.
RRP £34.95
Jobe Wake Combo Prime Red

Yellow Wake Rope
Recreational 15" single section wake rope with grippy handle.
RRP £34.95
Jobe Wake Combo Prime Yellow

Jobe Universal Vest
Yellow one-size-fits-all universal Buoyancy Aid.
RRP £27.95
Jobe Universal Buoyancy Aid  Yellow

Jobe Universal Vest
Red one-size-fits-all universal Buoyancy Aid.
RRP £27.95
Jobe Universal Buoyancy Aid  Red

Jobe Universal Vest
Blue one-size-fits-all universalBuoyancy Aid.
RRP £27.95
Jobe Universal Buoyancy Aid  Blue

Tow Bridle
If your boat has an Outboard then you will need this Bridle.
RRP £21.95
Jobe Magnum Tow Bridle

Palm Protectors
One-size-fits-all neoprene palm protectors to prevent blisters.
RRP £12.95
Jobe Palm Protectors

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