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Jobe Mode 67" Slalom Water Ski Package

Jobe Watersports  UK

Jobe are one of the largest and most successful of all recreational water sports brands. Their mission is to simply get you on the water and they are continually evolving and developing new products to make life on the water easier and more fun.

Jobe Mode 67" Slalom Water Ski Package

Package Includes:

Jobe Mode Slalom Ski
Jobe Adjustable Slalom Front Bindings
Jobe Slalom Rear Toe Plate

Jobe Mode 67 Inch Slalom Ski

Slalom Waterski Size Chart

The Jobe Mode Slalom Ski is what we like to call "Sport" level, which means that it is perfect for virtually all levels of mono water skiing, from beginner to freestyle intermediate. Ideal for the family looking to progress quickly or with a wide range of skills and abilities to cater for. Boasting many of the features normally associated with more expensive slalom skis, the Jobe Mode offers proper direct mount slalom bindings, a V-Bottom design for excellent tracking and cornering, plus an aluminium fin for greater performance. A great entry level slalom ski for beginner to intermediate recreational use.



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